How to make an appointment

If you wish to book an appointment, please contact your GP (or physiotherapist) first as we generally need a letter of referral before we can see you. Your GP (or physiotherapist) will then contact us to arrange an appointment on your behalf.

What to bring with you

To get the most out of your appointment and avoid delays with your treatment, please ensure you bring the following with you on the day.

  • If you have had imaging, for example an MRI or X-Ray, arranged by your GP, please bring the imaging itself with you or confirm that we have access to it. While a report can be helpful, we usually need to see the images themselves to help understand your problem better.
  • Your health insurance details.
  • We hold clinics are held at 3 different locations in Dublin. Please check your appointment letter to make sure you are going to the correct clinic.
  • Finally, and most importantly, read the following COVID-19 guidelines and complete the COVID-19 questionnaire

COVID-19 Guidelines
COVID-19 Questionnaire

How to prepare for surgery

If you are a self paying patient or if your club/organisation are funding your treatment, payment is required in advance of admission for surgery.  The anaesthetic and hospital fees are separate to our own and should be paid separately. For patients with health insurance,  your health insurer will usually cover or part-cover the costs of your procedure and hospital stay. We are accredited with all providers that operate in the Republic of Ireland. There may be an excess or a shortfall in certain policies and for certain procedures.

Cover also varies depending on the hospital involved. You should contact your insurer in advance of surgery to be clear on cover and the potential extra costs that may apply to you. We will provide a code or codes that are likely to apply to your procedure but “on table” decisions may mean slight alterations to these. After your procedure, our billing agency Medserv will get in contact with you and help you to process the claim through your insurer. This will require you to complete and return some documentation but the process is usually straightforward.

General Pre-Operative Advice

Should you be awaiting surgery and have questions about insurance cover, admission regulations and timing, or what to bring with you, please contact our partner hospitals as follows:

Blackrock Clinic

Phone: +353-1-2832222

Sports Surgery Clinic

Phone: +353-1-5262000

Tallaght University Hospital

Phone: day ward at 01-4142295 or 01-4143491 or main hospital admissions at 01-4142805

These websites also have information about regulations around COVID-19 for each hospital. You should consult these prior to attending.

If you are having difficulty getting clarification, please contact Lisa as follows:


What to expect from your procedure

Here is some information about what to expect from some of our procedures and how best to manage afterwards: